For Thermographers

Initial Training

If you are interested in becoming a Thermographer, you’ve come to the right place! Learning  Thermography can lead to an exciting and successful career! Kristin Burton is a Master Trainer for the Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology and Med-Hot Thermal Imaging. She also owns and operates her own successful Thermography business, Central Florida Medical Thermography.

Dr.  Carol Chandler DOM is the owner of Med-Hot Thermal Imaging and is considered the world  authority on Thermography and it’s applications. Together, Kristin and Dr. Carol have created the best environment for learning the amazing science of Thermology.  You’ll receive 4 days of intensive hands on training and learn applications for Medical Thermography, the science of Thermology, camera and software operation, the business of Thermography and more! This training is followed by at home instruction and ongoing support.  New Thermographers go home ready to start their new successful Thermography businesses!

Brush-Up Training

Thermographers who have taken an extended break or are just feeling a little “rusty,” may wish to receive a “Brush Up Training.” This can be done over the phone or optimally at your office. Before the training starts, a detailed assessment is made of your business and your technique. Then a customized training is created to address your challenges and problem areas. Brush Up trainings are excellent for the new Thermographer who has been in business for about a year and feels they need a refresher. However, experienced Thermographers may be interested in new ways to breath fresh air into their businesses. Either way, a brush up training is good for anyone wanting explore new ways to be successful and serve with clients and patients! Call for schedules and pricing 863-712-5037


Our gallery will give insight to training thermographers and patients alike on just what we’re able to see in the heat!

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