It’s that time of the year again. The time when the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the color pink dominates the retail landscape. Pink pizza boxes, milkshakes, buckets of chicken, football players and billboards. But have you ever stopped, just for a moment and asked yourself where all that pink comes from? What does it signify, what does it really MEAN? If you ask most women, they will tell you it means that they are supporting women who have breast cancer. They do not think of it beyond that. They do not think of the company behind the pink or how or why it came to be.

Susan G. Komen Didn't Wear Pink – CFM ThermographySome women will say that they know that the pink comes from Susan G. Komen Foundation, however the majority do not know that Susan G. Komen is dead. She has been dead for over 35 years. Susan G. Komen died of breast cancer and her sister Mary B. Brinker started the foundation in her honor. Susan G. Komen was only 36 when she died – one of the rare young metastatic breast cancer victims. Susan was not a survivor, she didn’t wear pink, she never heard the phrase “For The Cure” and I wonder what she would say if she knew that her sister was one of the highest paid CEOs of a nonprofit organization this size – so much so that there was an international public outrage over her salary. I wonder what she would say if she knew that the foundation in her name spends millions of donor dollars to sue other organizations that use the phrase “For the Cure.” I wonder how she would feel if she knew that even though she died of metastatic breast cancer, there is only one day in the month of October (the 13th) dedicated to the type of breast cancer she died of. And finally, I wonder what she would think of the fact that it has now been proven that mammography does not save lives – just skews 5 year survival rates to make them look like they do.

Unfortunately, the same number of women are still dying from metastatic breast cancer today as they did

Susan G. Komen Didn't Wear Pink – CFM Thermography

in her day. Susan, if you can hear me, there are people who are dedicated to your TRUE cause. Not only to find a cure, but so much more importantly, to PREVENT breast disease, to teach breast HEALTH, to understand WHY and HOW breasts get cancer in the first place and TO CHANGE the outcome of the 280,000 breast cancer diagnosis’s by not giving them anything to diagnose in the first place. Now that’s something Susan, I think you would get behind.