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10 months ago
Celery Seed 101: The Naturopathic Kitchen | AANMC

Great information about Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Balance Plus an AWESOME ... See more

Celery stalks are known for the fiber and micronutrient content. Its roots and seeds contain a ... See more

10 months ago
Dr. Joseph Mercola

Are you eating the true inflammatory foods that increase your risk of heart disease? Why not have ... See more

Heart disease has been rising for the past 50 years -- but saturated fats aren’t to blame. Make ... See more

10 months ago
Hashem Al-Ghaili

The Lymphatic System drains toxins from your body and protects you against diseases.

10 months ago

10 months ago
Menu of Services - Central Florida Medical Thermography

Interested in getting imaged in the infrared? Visit the link below to learn more! ... See more

IMAGING SERVICES WE OFFER BREAST SCREENING $199 Thermography is an excellent breast health ... See more

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