Bring Health Discovery to Your Patients!

2 thermographers with imageForm a strategic partnership using cutting edge technology and bring an amazing new modality to your practice: Medical Thermography.

Our  imaging service comes to your office to provide a valuable new screening program for you and your clients and patients.

Click to download our mobile imaging Mobile imaging unit – January 2017 (1)

What to look for When Choosing Medical Thermography for your Practice

Highest Quality Camera – 110,000 pixels or higher

      • FLIR brand – without question, the best.  While 110,000 pixels is excellent. Kristin’s Camera boasts 340,000 pixels and 60 HZ and is one of only a handful of cameras in the world like it.
      • Kristin endorses TOTAL VISION Software for precise positioning of patients and spot on comparative analysis.
      • Highest quality images for precise interpretation.

Professional Interpretations by certified Medical Doctors

      • We use Physician’s Insight interpretation With a staff of over 10 medical doctors who received over 12- 18 months of thermographic training. Physician’s Insight is second to none!

Experienced Thermographers- who will represent your practice with professionalism and compassionate care of your patients.

      • Kristin Burton and Gina Berry– Certified Clinical Thermographers. Kristin is a Trainer and Master Trainer, AAT certified and a  principal Trainer for the IAMT and Med-Hot Thermal Imaging.
      • Promotion of your products and services.
      • Assistance with understanding interpretations

Marketing Support at no extra charge

      • Workshops, presentations, open house participation – Kristin is an experienced professional speaker.
      • Fliers, newsletters, posters and graphic design – Put our design team to work for you!

Purchase Your Own Camera

How does it measure eyes-smSome physicians may wish to start their own thermography practice. We offer the finest  cameras, software and training. To purchase your own infrared camera visit our camera sales site :

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